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Graeme E Bolitho MG Graeme E Bolitho MG

MEMRIONICSÒ is the trademark for the Seminar developed by Graeme E. Bolitho MG.  "The MEMRIONICSÒ Course".

Graeme, a decorated Vietnam Veteran, started developing the seminar under the name "Memory Development CourseÒ" whilst still a Captain in the Australian Army. He then taught the "Memory Development CourseÒ", along with other commercial training programs, after leaving the service.

In 1968 he made an observation:  There were masses of personnel training courses being conducted, however, the training provided to staff by companies was only as good as the employees listening and observation skills, their mental organization and recall ability. Their "Memory", therefore, seriously affecting their ability to implement the content of their training. Mental Efficiency was essential. Foundational.

Graeme intensified his study and experimentation and eventually arrived at the final take. "The MEMRIONICSÒ Course".  As this was developing his teaching was in great demand. He taught the classes in Australia, South Africa, England, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

During this time his reputation as a speaker was developing and he was in high demand. Graeme shared the platform with Zig Ziglar, Bill Gove, Dr Maxwell Maltz and many others. He developed a friendship and a business relationship with Dr Maxwell Maltz, M.D.,F.I.C.S.  (Author of "Psycho-Cybernetics" and many other successful books) Dr Maltz was actively inspirational to Graeme. Bill Gove also became a friend and Bill and his wife attended one of Graeme's first MEMRIONICSÒ classes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In 1977 Graeme  Bolitho lodged his copyrights with the library of congress in the USA. The trademark MEMRIONICSÒ had already been registered.

The demand for his material was so intense that he realized he needed to train instructors. Graeme Bolitho With Dr Maxwell Maltz

Graeme answered this demand by teaching several instructors over the next few years. They have since successfully taught the Seminars in several countries. (During this hectic time 1977/78 The entire Audiovisual seminar was translated into Italian. Several doctors from Saudi Arabia were also trained in a special seminar. These instructors Courses were taught in the UK, USA and the Bahamas.





                                                                                                                                                                             Dr Maxwell Maltz M.D., F.I.C.C.S. and  Graeme E. Bolitho MG






MEMRIONICSÒ is a trademark. Not a company or commercial enterprise.

Licenced instructors are authorized to use the trademark in advertising the seminar as detailed in the guidelines in their manuals.

No person is authorized to use the trademark MEMRIONICSÒ in their company name. Including .com organizations.

No person or company is authorized to infer ownership of said trademark

It is a 'seminar' comprising copyright materials. Not a company


Copyright. Ó    MEMRIONICSÒ  comprises audiovisual tapes and slides, CDs, Manuals, Instructional, promotional and administrative materials.

All of the above are clearly imprinted with the copyright message. "Copyright Ó Graeme E. Bolitho 1977/2006/2010* all rights reserved"  (Some items have different dates added.)

No person is authorised to infer ownership of these copyrights. The are the sole property of Graeme E Bolitho as indicated on each item


If you are not certain of the source of advertising for MEMRIONICSÒ classes:

Please send an email to Graeme Bolitho  g_bolitho@yahoo.com


Authorized Contact

The following company is authorized to teach "LIVE" MEMRIONICSÒ courses in the USA (Classroom classes) as detailed in the MEMRIONICSÒ Instructors Manual.  MentComp co-ordinates USA activities.

For info re US courses contact MentComp  954 523 2733




Research is constant. Graeme is currently working on home study and study on the 'net'. However he is far from satisfied with the results.

The original class is very carefully designed to circumnavigate negative self concept and decisions already made by the student. The classroom result is virtually a predictable successful result.

CDs and other home study have not even come close to the course results and are being researched at this minute.

There are no official MEMRIONICSÒ CDs on the market.  Learning portions of the class will only hinder learning the full picture in the future. It will do the opposite of 'helping'.

The "live class" is the only way to effectively gain the knowledge at this time.

We will keep you posted.